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Mumbai-based Miklens Bio signs Joint Venture with ASLE Technology

Miklens Bio

Mumbai-based Miklens Bio Pvt. Ltd., a technology-driven agri-biotechnology has appointed ASLE Technology Group (ATG) as their sole distribution partners for USA and Canada markets to promote Residue Free Cultivation internationally.

“Our partnership with ASLE will help MIKLENS penetrate across their vast distribution network in these countries and expect to do business in excess of $12-15 million,” said Santosh Nair, Founder of Miklens Bio, talking to ET.  

He added that his startup Miklens Bio is only a year old entity and collaboration with a known company overseas increases its credibility.

The startup also claims to be the first company to export to USA and Canada markets, considering their stringent entry barriers. It expects that the association will give it a heads-up for market penetration and establish strong roots for our Microbial-based products.

Miklens Bio had also recently opened their research and development center in Bangalore and aims to bring out new products in the agri-microbial space.

“Our researchers have developed a diversified product line up of 27 novel products and more revolutionary products are in pipeline,” said Nair.

He also pointed out that the government needs to work closely with start-ups making it worthy for them to do more research and also help them commercialize and for mutual benefit ultimately.

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