China Funding Flow: VC deals in US startups witness slowdown


The US government’s decision to tighten its grip on investments from China in its country has resulted in a slowdown in the Chinese venture capital deals in the US.

Chinese venture capital deals in the US startups dropped at 184 investment deals worth US$5.1 billion from 262 venture capital deals worth US$10.2 billion last year for the same period, as reported by China money network.

However, Chinese local giants are consistent on developing AI and machine learning into tech and finance industries. Recently, Qianshu capital is launched as’s first consumer-focused early-stage consumer fund, which will back startups capitalizing on increased consumer demand in Chinese specified marker place.

Week ending on 19th October 2017 has witnessed 24 investments deals which collectively raised about $390 million, below are the details of all weekly funding deals of Chinese market:

Artificial Intelligence:

MioTech raises $7 million in series ‘A’ round which is led by Horizons Ventures, Zhen Fund also participated in the round. Miotech develops AI based fintech specific software which can provide all market and investment information, news updates, policies and much more.

Motovis gets $10 million in series ‘A’ funding round. Lanting Capital led the round with participation by Keytone ventures. Shanghai-based startup works on autonomous driving technology which applies artificial intelligence and computer vision technology to advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) that provide a level of autonomy to vehicles.


91Marker closes $1.5 million strategic financing round from UrWork. They focus on artificial intelligence, new materials, biological medicine and other fields.

Shenzhen-based AICRobo raises $1.5 million series A round from Panlin Capital. It’s an AI based startup which provides AI tech, Robot design and robot operating tech solutions. It works in logistics, industrial automation, and customer service industries.

Momenta raises series B+ round from Cathay Capital Private Equity which also saw participation from GGV Capital, financials of the deal remains undisclosed. Beijing based startup focuses on developing high-resolution digital maps, driving decision solutions and machine vision technology for autonomous driving, enabling vehicles to detect traffic signs, recognize pedestrians and track other cars on the road.


Winnovator Group Inc. raises $1.5 million in series  A round from SBCVC with participation from New Talent Holdings, Huang Xiaoming. It’s a platform which target to educate early age students aged 1 to 6.

KnowBox raises $30 million series B+ round from Bertelsmann Asia Investments, Haoweilai, Baidu Ventures, New World Development Co., Ltd also participated in the round. It’s a K12 level online education platform which assists teachers, parents, and students to manage homework in a better manner.

Melomemo has raised $1.5 million in series A round from Yunqi Partners, Lanxiang Capital also participated in the round. It develops hardware tool for piano training that can help educate children about beats, information, and dynamics about a piano.


9fbank raises $100 million in series B round from undisclosed investors. It’s a Beijing based peer to peer startup which offers finance, individual wealth management, e-wallet, credit card services and securities to its users. raises $15 million in series A round led by Lianhe Capital with the participation of Amarsoft-Fudan Fund.  It financial services platform which provides financial services, finance management, Law consultation, research, and marketing.

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Huajuan Mall raises $40 million in series B round led by Sinovation Ventures which also saw participation from Evolution Media China, Ventech China, Vertex Ventures, Zhiping Capital. It’s a  short video and e-commerce platform which provides short video content for beauty and makeup of its own products. Its video content focused on beauty and fashion products which are sold on its own platform.

Kuaimeizhuang raised $9.1 million in series B round with participation from Meridian Capital China, Shenzhen Qianhai Fund-of-funds. It’s a fashion content app which provides short videos on beauty, makeup, and fashion.

Menyaer raises $1.5 million in series A round from China Creation Ventures. It’s a content marketing platform which provides short videos about e-commerce, social media network and much more.


Vingoo Juice, Shanghai based startup raises $60 million in series B round co-led by Legend Capital and Joy Capital with participation from Yunqi Partners. Shanghai bases startup develops vending machines which produces fresh fruits juice.

Urfresh raises $15 million in series B+ round from Haier Capital which also saw participation from Capital Today and Fengshion Capital Partners. Urfresh is a Chinese fresh produce e-commerce company. It allows users to order fresh produce and receive the items in an hour.

EasyGo raises $1.5 million strategic financing round from Times property. It’s checkouts free convenience store operator in which customer just need to scan their unique QR code by which system automatically track their purchases and can be paid directly from customer’s wallet., a part-time job platform raises $ 9.1 million from Ants VC which also saw participation from, Jinzhe Capital, and Anjuke’s founder Liang Weiping. raises $12 million in series A round led by Meridian Capital with participation from Eastern Bell Venture Capital, Plum Ventures, and Blue Lake Capital. It’s a book sharing platform which offers books for share and also paid online courses.

Fitness startups Lefit raises $45 million series C round from Hillhouse Capital which also saw participation from IDG Capital and Huasheng Capital. It offers a fitness center and gyms access to its registered members across 200 fitness gyms.

123Go raises $5.3 million in a pre-series round from Jiuwan Capital and Lashou’s founder Wu Bo. It’s a checkout free convenience vending machine operator which allows its users buying facilities by QR scanning and get paid via mobile payments.

Beijing based gaming startups Miyoo Games raises $10 million from National Small and Medium-size Enterprises Development Fund (Shenzhen Guozhong Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd).  It develops music related mobile games.

Fashion startups Vingt Ans raises $1.5 million in series A round from Binfu Capital. It offers fashion accessories such as earrings, bracelets, hair accessories, bags, and sunglasses to its customers.

Beijing based transportation startup HoloMatic raises $10 million in angel round co-led by IDG Capital and NavInfo with participation from Bertelsmann Asia Investments, Zhixing Technology.  It’s an autonomous driving tech startup which develops platform and sensor.

SWDK raises $1.5 million in series A round from Tsing Ventures and Shenzhen Fenda Technology Co.  Chinese smart home appliance start-up SWDK develops automatic mop cleaners targeting overseas market.

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