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Google cloud

Google Cloud first India’s Region to come in Mumbai, to go live soon

Google cloud

Google Cloud formally announced that Mumbai will be its first Google Cloud Platform Region in India, which will start operations before the end of the year.

The financial capital of India will be India first and Asia Pacific’s 5th cloud center, after Taiwan, Tokyo and Sydney.

During the Google Cloud Summit titled “Transforming Indian Business with Google Cloud” held in Bengaluru on Tuesday, Senior executives from both India and Asia-pacific discussed how the company’s cloud platform with its cloud computing technology can greatly benefit Indian business Industry.

The platform will give a major competition to Amazon and Microsoft which dominate Cloud Computing space in India currently. This move primarily indicates Google’s ambition to partner with major business companies in India and to cater to both large and small-scale industries including start-ups.

“We are making these investments based on the feedback we received from the customers who asked us to establish a Cloud Region here in India,” said Ash Willis, head of partners and alliances for Japan and Asia-Pacific,Google Cloud.

Air Bus, Coca Cola, Colgate and Phillips are the global brands that use the Google’s Cloud Computing technology.

In India, Ashok Leyland, Calcutta Electric Supply have already chosen Google. According to senior Google executives, what differentiates Google cloud from Amazon and Microsoft cloud is its ability to manage services making it easy for customers to pace up their work, especially during times of relatively high web traffic.

Hike’s entire messaging platform runs on Google cloud except for their payment infrastructure.

According to Rick Harshman, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Google Cloud,“As more and more companies take advantage of what cloud computing analytics and machine learning can do for their business the gap between knowledge needed to move to the cloud. To address this issue, Google will collaborate with Coursera, a leading global online education platform, to launch a series of on-demand Google Cloud training offerings”.

Google cloud will not only provide high-speed networking but also a major performance upgrade in terms of low latency to companies using the platform, Harshman added.

Google invested $30 Billion on its Cloud platform over the past 3 years building its infrastructure. It now plans to increase its dominance in India, finally bringing its native cloud computing services in India.

Last week, however, Amazon announced it would start to bill on a per-second basis starting Oct. 2 instead of by the hour for its cloud services businesses. Google and Microsoft started offering per-minute cloud computing in 2013 while Amazon (AMZN, -0.10%), the largest and oldest of the cloud providers, held fast to per-hour pricing until now.

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