Amazon files patent for drone safety in India


Ahead of other e-commerce and logistics companies in India, Amazon Technology has reportedly filed a patent for propeller technology to ensure that automated aerial vehicles (AAVs, aka drones) don’t hit humans or animals while carrying packages. The development was first reported by Business Standard.

This technology will automatically detect any contact or any imminent contact between the drone’s propeller and an object, including humans and animals such as pets. When a contact is detected, a slew of safety features will be initiated to stop or rapidly reduce propeller rotation. 

The patent explains through an example, if a dog (object) approaches the AAV as the AAV is landing and the dog enters the safety perimeter of one of the propellers of the AAV, a safety profile is automatically performed, so that the dog is not harmed by the propeller.

The report also states another form, where the drone will communicate with other in the vicinity to provide or receive information, like the weather conditions, landing conditions, traffic, objects or safety profiles, which could then be utilised to plan the route or flight path for other AAVs.

Recently, Amazon has announced Prime Air — a delivery system from Amazon designed to safely get packages to customers in 30 minutes or less using drones.

Earlier this week, the Seattle based company got nod from the US Patent and Trademark Office for a shipping label, including a built-in parachute, to enable the delivery of packages by aerial vehicles, according to reports. 

To make drone based delivery reliable and safe, last month Amazon announced expansion of R&D facilities in Cambridge, UK, with a plan to move into a new 60,000 sq ft site in the city with capacity for more than 400 employees across functions such as machine learning scientists, knowledge engineers, data scientists amongst others.

Image credit: Amazon



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