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This platform will manage your office to home commute

How often have you, as an employee, seethed against your office cab supervisor as he provides you a car home but puts you on a north-routed vehicle when your residence is in the south? Or places you in a cab bound for your east home but routed in the most circuitous way possible. It just doubles the time you would have normally taken to reach home.

Some of us fight or argue regularly with colleagues or cab supervisors about this, often requesting for a simpler way home through a simpler route. But sometimes you can’t even blame the supervisor or car driver, because in huge bustling cities such as Mumbai or Delhi, they often don’t know better.

This is where Aaveg Management Services steps in. To put it simply, to help you reach home faster and make life easy for the person managing logistics for companies.

No surprises then that it has been founded by a person who worked in the corporate sector and faced such harassment.

Ashok Vashist, founder and CEO, a mathematics graduate with a postgraduate degree in management from Delhi and an ambitious entrepreneur, is already confident about the prospects of his firm which was founded in 2015. Ashok was also a founding member of Easy Cabs.

The first-of-its-kind company, having ISO certifications, drew initial investment of Rs 10 lakh, and has since seen quick growth. Its stated aim is to “reduce CO2 emissions, reduce traffic congestions and facilitate optimum utilization of resources”.

While the company’s focus area is efficiently providing office to home and home to office logistics, it does much more. For instance, it also manages business rentals, provides thought leadership in transport management, problem identification with recommendation solutions, as well as implementation of thought leadership guidelines and selection of right vendors for sourcing of wheels.

For both employees and corporates, it is a win-win situation. In two years since launch, Aaveg has drawn around 14 clients, from IT, consulting firms and MNCs. During fiscal 2016-2017, it clocked a turnover of Rs 3 crore and currently boasts of around 180 employees.

Ashok expresses confidence that every third vehicle will be an Aaveg vehicle in the years to come, and hopes to achieve maximum reach within any type of commercial vehicle, be it owned, managed, or available on their platform.

On the secret behind an entrepreneur’s success, he says it’s good employees. “They are the determining factor behind successful companies,” he admits, giving credit to the success of Aaveg to its honest and dedicated team of professionals. “Professional development of employees is important for any growing business,” he advises. All those looking to start their own ventures must take note.

Here’s a look at what Aaveg is promising and delivering: It provides consulting and advisory services such as transport policy design, vendor management process, floating RFP, training of transport desks and drivers and ERP technology solutions. In addition, it provides MSP for transport and a bouquet of top-end technology solutions.

The founder explains that they are currently focusing on addressing three specific pain areas that corporate commuters face – safety and security, reducing road congestion and optimizing utilization of transportation resources.

Aaveg is also looking to help the government build the right kind of infrastructure for its smart cities transportation project.

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