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Rahul Chandra of Helion Ventures launches Unitary Helion, set to raise $100 million

Rahul Chandra, Cofounder and Managing Director of Helion Venture Partners, has launched an early stage fund, Unitary Helion.

The fund will target a corpus of $100 million. According to the report, it is in talks with several strategic investors in the financial services space and with banks for raising the initial corpus.

Unitary Helion aims to create a portfolio of 18 to 20 companies focusing on technology-based innovation. The fund has identified fintech as a significant opportunity. Areas like alternate lending and digital payments are poised to reshape access to credit and opportunities for consumers and small businesses. Besides Fintech, a portion of Unitary’s investments will also go into digital networks and market places that connect core sectors like Agri, Logistics and Healthcare.

Last year, Ritesh Banglani, Alok Goyal and Rahul Chowdhri, former partners at Helion Ventures, had launched Stellaris Venture Partners.

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